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The Washington County Bar Association owns and publishes Washington County Reports, the official legal periodical for Washington County. Since 1920, legal advertisements, estate notices, trial lists, court opinions and other important notices have been published in the legal journal for the benefit of our subscribers and as a service to the profession, the legal community, the Court and the public.

The Pennsylvania Treasury's Unclaimed Property Notices are published annually in the legal journal. Search the Pennsylvania Treasury for your unclaimed property

A new issue of Washington County Reports is published every Thursday. The deadline for advertisements is Friday by noon, although holidays may alter this deadline. For more information, contact the Bar Association office at 724.225.6710 or business manager Sherri Paige at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A sample of a recent legal journal is available HERE. NOTE: the electronic copy of the legal journal and the notices within are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal notice to parties. The printed copy of the legal journal is the sole authoritative version.

SUBSCRIPTION RATE (Non-Members) effective 1/1/2015:  $85 (52 issues)

LEGAL NOTICE RATES -- effective 1/1/2015

Estate Notice:
$150 (3 insertions, incl proof)
Corporation/Fictitious Name Notices:
standard size $105 (1 insertion, incl proof)
Other Notices/Classified Ads:
Line rate plus proof
Line Rate, Each Insertion:

$3.75/line (1 column; two columns $7.50/line/insertion ), Plus 1 time $30 set-up fee (call for cancellation details)

Additional Proofs of Publication:
$5 each

Display Ad Rates (effective as of 7/1/11)
SIZE 1x 4x 13x 26x 52x
One Page $60    $200    $500    $800 $1,200
One-Half Page $50 $125 $350 $600 $975
One-Quarter Page $25 $75 $200 $325 $550
One-Eighth Page     $100 $200 $325
Inside Back Cover       $875 $1325
One-Half Back Cover         $975
One-Quarter Inside Back Cover         $600
Back Cover       $1000   $1600



Periodically, bound volumes containing the opinions handed down in Washington County are published. Call the Bar Association office for information regarding publication schedule.



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