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Per local court rule: As a prerequisite to court involvement in a custody matter, all parties to the action are ordered to attend the mandatory parenting program which has been approved, sanctioned and authorized by the Court and administered through the Washington County Bar Association prior to the Pre-Custody Conciliation Meeting. Failure of a party to attend the parenting program will result in sanctions against the party up to and including being prohibited from proferring evidence in the Meeting or Conference, or being held in contempt by the Court.

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It is obvious that there is a lot of interest in the legal system - just turn on your television and watch the coverage of the latest high-profile legal case or one of the many popular courtroom dramas. However, when legal cases make the news or hit the tube, we very often don’t get a clear picture of all the facts or the details. The Bar Association’s public education programs de-mystify the legal system and help separate the fact from the fiction.

The Washington County Bar Association and its members are committed to providing educational programs to help the public understand the importance of the rule of law to our society, American civic values, our courts and our system of justice, and the meaning of our democracy in a diverse society.

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